Makna, 16 April 2008

I recently voluntered to assist Majlis Kanser National (MAKNA) to photograph some of their cancer patients for their Annual Report. Being an NGO, MAKNA’s main attributes are to help create awareness about cancer and support the cancer patients, nevertheless MAKNA’s members are also very active in their outreach programs.

Together with Shaz, Nurina and Sam we headed to Sg. Tekali in Ulu Langat (via Bukit Belacan) to photograph En. Megat who is a cancer patient and co-incidently the President of the Brain Cancer Society in Malaysia. Sg Tekali is really beautiful and a breath of fresh air, this sub-urban (kampung-style) environment has lots of greenery growing around it especially durian trees.

We then continued to Taman Semenyih in Semenyih to photograph Lee Leok Min and Kamala who are also cancer patients. As we were heading to Semenyih, we caught a glimpse of the Semenyih Dam… which was breathtaking. It was my first time in the area and I was in awe!

When we were leaving, we were surprised to find the periwinkle flower (bunga kemuning Cina), which is part of MAKNA’s logo growing in Kamala’s house. Studies by medical experts have found that extracts from this flower can cure Cancer.

Semenyih Dam

Semenyih Dam


Nurina, Megat, Shaz & Sam in front of Megat’s home(L-R)


Lee Leok Min with his wife


Periwinkle Flower

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