V. Aweenash’s Baby Naming Ceremony, 7 June 2008

There’s nothing like the scent of a freshly cleaned baby. It makes me want to squeeze his/her cheeks. Well that’s how I felt anyway during my nephew’s baby naming ceremony held last Saturday in Kapar, Klang.

Being the official photographer, I was incharge of capturing the evening. Baby Aweenaash was such a charming little tot and I’ve captured some of his many moods during the evening. I loved looking at his tiny and dainty feet, it made me feel like a giant indeed!

Aweenash was quiet mostly and slept like a baby despite the ‘buzz’ around him. The decoration at my aunt’s house was beautiful and the dinner ended with a sweet pudding being served to guests. In Malaysia, the ‘baby naming ceremony’ is an event usually celebrated by the Indian community where close family and friends are officially introduced to the baby, this is usually held when the baby is a month old. There are many different rituals performed, some get their baby blessed in the temple while others get the baby’s horoscope read. Some parents are also known to place the baby in a ‘baby cot’ for the first time on this day.









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