Twins’ Mathi & Rani’s 21st Birthday Party, 21 June 2008

I had a blast last saturday photographing both V.Kalaimathi & V.Kalairani’s 21st Birthday party held at the Dewan Serbaguna (Hall) in Subang Jaya. It was the first time I had photographed twins and it was a challenge indeed to identify them as they were identical and were wearing the same outfit … but by the end of the day I had learn to differentiate who was who.

The colourless and dull hall in Subang was converted into an interesting and beautiful venue with balloons, lights and ribbons strategically placed. The unique key shaped birthday cake even had a sparkling wine bottle, chocolates and a barbie doll on it.

Close family and friends who came stayed till the end of the event and the highlight of the evening was the twin’s interview and their dance routine which was perfectly choreographed !

Mathi & Rani – I had a fabulous time and thanks for making me part of this memorable party.

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Thank you so much for the photos and the beautiful album that u have created for us. It is so lovely and satisfying. It was really fantastic service that u have provided to us. All of my family members and frens telling me that asha is very fast and accurate in taking photos especially when cutting the cake. When ever my mum sees the album, she can feel again the moment during the birthday ceremony. Because u have manage to capture each position around the hall during the day for example the birthday cake, the catering side, all of my friends and relatives, dance floor and not too miss the decoration as well. We have put lots of effort to do some decor on each table and u also manage to take a photo of that decor. it looks real in the photo. thank u asha.

I will never forget your service. It will always crosses my mind when ever i see the album. It really inspired me and my family members.
Once again i wish u thank you very much and u have done an excellent job for us..I will always keep in touch with u.. Take care and god bless u..

Hello Mathi & Rani

Thanks for your lovely comments and for being such a sport. I had a wonderful time photographing the both of you and hope to meet you’ll soon.

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