Midnight Cupcakes !

Here are some shots I took for four University Malaya (UM) students – Sean, Stephen, Yeong Ru and Shobie who call themselves “Midnight Cupcakes”.  These TESL students are currently on a mission to raise funds for their study trip to Australia.  Instead of just depending on their parents for funds, they are putting their entrepreneurial skills to the test by selling deliciously tasty cupcakes to various organisations and the public.

So if you or your organisation are thinking of supporting them, feel free to contact Shobie at 016-6029130 or leave your comments on this blog.  There’s a minimum order of 12pcs for the cupcakes, feel free to let them know your flavour of choice !

By the way, they are also selling various types of women’s and men’s clothes in the effort to raise funds..a few samples are enclosed below.

Mississippi Mud Cupcake with Chocolate Ganache

Orange Poppy Seeds with Orange Cream Cheese

Caramel Apple

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