1st Holy Communion, 26 October 2008

After almost 2 years of heading for mass in Assumption & SFX Church in Petaling Jaya, I was really happy to be back to Holy Redeemer Church in Klang for a photography assignment; my first ever 1st Holy Communion shoot ! Another reason I was estatic to do this shoot is because I had received my 1st holy communion in the same church as well !
Taking photographs of a group of 38 young kids who are full of energy and excited accompanied by their trigger happy parents is not an easy challenge but I have come away for a whole lot of knowledge to handle the same situation in the future.  Thankfully the event was well organised and Father Joachim Tan was extremely patient throughout the whole ceremony.

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Here are some tips to parents or 1st Holy Communion organisers to ensure you have the best photographs :

* If you have a designated professional photographer to shoot the event, please ensure the parents put away their camera as this only distracts the children and makes it difficult for the professional to get the shots he/she needs.

* Have a person in charge to organise and arrange the group and family shots.

* Do remind the children to smile a little and not feel nervous when facing the camera (except when receiving communion).

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