Salaam Wanita – Part 1

I try to volunteer my services especially in photography for charitable causes or projects as much as I can. This year I am fortunate enough to be contacted by eHomemakers to take some photographs of their Salaam Wanita members.

Last Saturday Rachael, who works with eHomemakers and I headed to Bandar Sri Damansara where I met up with Maxine Chan, her husband Yeoh and Rosnani Mohamad who are disadvantaged and supporting their family by earning a living despite their disabilities.

Maxine is busy taking bookings while her blind husband Yeoh massages for a living

Being wheelchair bound does not stop Maxine from doing her household chores of cooking for her husband and 3 sons

Maxine’s eldest son helps her to cook some pasta & bolognaise sos

Though blind, Yeoh loves to spend time playing with his youngest son

Rosnani sharing her plight about the dificulty to move about with her foot condition.

Rosnani who just completed a sewing course last year makes the traditional Malay ‘baju kurung’ for a living despite having a rare foot condition. She is planning to get married by the end of the year.

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Love the shots Asha! The photojournalist in you is awesome.
I can see you take the time to get to know them as you shoot them in everyday chores/work/activity.

Keep up the charity works coz sharing is caring!

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