St Anne’s Feast at Port Klang, 25 July 2009

I’d like to share some images photographed during St Anne’s Feast last Saturday in Port Klang. I’ve realised, as years go on, it gets more difficult to complete the 9-day Novena and the overwhelming record-breaking crowd does not make it easy for everyone to get a seat and the heat does not help either.

Nevertheless pilgrims from near and far come earnestly with their intentions to pray, to be inspired, to give thanks and to hear the priest from all over Malaysia and even Singapore preach. For more info about the feast day, do head to the respective church website or read my blog posting – St Anne’s Feast 2008.

External website links: St Anne’s Church, Port Klang, St Anne’s Church, Bukit Mertajam

The above shot of the Angel was taken using my Nokia N95 (phone camera) while all other shots are taken using a DSLR using natural light.

Ways to keep cool

Saying the Rosary while waiting

St Anne prayer pamplet

From left: Fr. Lazar Savarimuthu, Fr Lawrence Andrew (Parish Priest) and Fr Simon Pereira (from Singapore) holding the Blessed Sacrament

Its the norm to place candles in paper cups during procession to avoid burns from the wax but I was surprised to see cup cake casing being used this year.

Blessed Sacrament

Devotees’ lighting candles

St Anne

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