Faza & Faaz’s Birthday Celebration at KL Bird Park

Two of my most favourite subjects to capture during a photo shoot are kids and food and yes these were abundant last Saturday, 8 August 2009 when I was commissioned to shoot Faza (celebrating her 7th birthday) and Faaz (celebration his 1st birthday) at the KL Bird Park in Kuala Lumpur.

Kids can be the most amazing subjects to shoot, their immeasurable energy and enthusiasm are so infectious. Faza captivated her friends with her jovial character while Faaz kept the crowd smitten with his cheeky smile.

The kids had a fun time learning about birds and participating in the bird feeding sessions. I guess the highlight had to be the bird show! After the entertaining session, the kids were then ushered to the ‘Hornbill Restaurant’ for the birthday party and celebration.

Huge thank you to Mazrul & Khairin for allowing me to document this awesome day, I’ve had such fun and hope you love the photos too!

A big shout out goes to Geremy, the Education Officer from KL Bird Park who kept us all amused with his funny jokes and abundant information about birds!

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Beautiful decorations

Everyone went home with goodie bags

Mazrul & Khairin’s beautiful family

Party packs

Faaz with his mesmerizing antics

Faza getting close with the birds at the park

The kids were kept on their toes through-out the bird show

Present time

Good friends

Big Bill making his ‘surprise’ entrance

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FAza told me, it was the happiest day of her life. 😀
We couldnt stop smiling looking at the photos.
Couldnt wait for the album.

I had a fantabulous time as well Khairin, the kids were simply amazing and I learnt a few things about birds! Thanks for allowing me to be apart of Faza & Faaz’s beautiful birthday celebration!

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