Birds Photography

This is the continuation blog posting of the kids birthday function I did at KL Bird Park last week. Photographing birds is not an easy task, ask anyone from the MNS‘s birdwatching group. One needs a lot of patience, steady hands to hold the heavy and long lens and to be quiet when photographing these delicate creatures.

Hence, I am lucky to have had the opportunity to photograph these majestic birds in close proximity. Most of these birds are habituated to the park and are docile, but visitors are asked not to feed birds and not to touch the birds unless supervised.

The Hornbill daringly sat beside me to nibble at my salad while I ran for cover and grabbed my camera to photograph it

Fascinating beak

Treacherous yet delicate claws

I swear….this bird was peeking at me!

Wonder what the parrot was thinking..

Baby hornbill, I heard that some of them have a taste for chicken curry and can be quite selective about their choice of food

Red Lory…no not lorry!

My favourite shot, seems like the two Rainbow Lorikeet on the left are chatting with themselves

An Emu

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