Rovina Ikesh’s 21st Birthday Party

I was the official photographer for Rovina Ikesh’s 21st birthday party on Saturday, 15 August 2009 at her home in Sunway. Rovina who’s currently studying to be a doctor, popped back to Malaysia from Romania for a short holiday and to celebrate her 21st birthday with a bang!

Her party had to be one of the most amazing and fairytale like 21st birthday party which I have photographed. The theme colour of the party was pink, hence Rovina’s house was decorated in an assortment of pink, even her family (especially the guys) went the extra mile to come dressed in pink! Everything from the drinks, to the aperitifs had the extra magical touch.

Guests were kept entertained with the great music by TJ the DJ and delish food all night long. Rovina even changed from her pink saree to a lovely pink frock towards the end of the event.

Rovina – Happy birthday again and your party definitely rocked!! Thanks for having me as your photographer, it was simply amazing!

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hi asha. how much you will charge for 21st birthday. what is the price for sticky album and what is the price for perfect bind series.

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