Kids outdoor portrait session

I had the opportunity to photography Arin’s children, Jared & Jaime at her apartment recently to coincide with the children’s school holiday period. We even had one of Jaime’s friend Gracie join us for the session. Here are just some of the images captured on the day.

A lot of parents don’t realise how important it is to capture beautiful images of their children, while they are still young and growing up. Without realising it kids would soon be teenagers in a blink of an eye and all those precious moments lost.

Arin – Thanks for being so hospitable and cooking up a storm for me ;o)

To view more photos of this event, head to Kids Outdoor Portrait Session Gallery

From left, Jaime & Gracie

Jared with his fav toy, Naruto

Arin with her little angel

It was such a windy day, the bubbles were just unstoppable

At the playground

Even had time to snap some shots of Arin while the kids played


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