Baby Roshini’s Outdoor Portraiture Session

Last friday, I had the opportunity to photograph baby Roshini’s outdoor portraiture with her family in Klang. Her mom (Vasanthy) and aunt (Suganthi) and her grandma tagged along.

The weather was really gloomy and rainy in the morning and I kept praying for it to stop. Luckily the rain stopped by early afternoon and we went into full swing shooting mode, we had so much fun that we didn’t realise the time flying.

Photographing babies, kids or even pets takes a lot of patience especially if you have a difficult child to photography. But lucky me, Roshini was such an awesome baby! Once she got smiling, there was no stopping her, her charm and personality just shines through and her cute little smile is so infectious!

We ended the outdoor photography session at Jusco Klang to relax and unwind. Baby Roshini was tired as well but did a splendid job. She deserves a Star!

Do enjoy these sneak preview photos before I upload the rest onto my website. These photos will be compiled and made into a guest book for Roshini’s 1st birthday party which I will be photographing as well. So stay tuned to my blog for more updates!

To view more photos of this event, head to Baby Roshini’s Gallery

Tip :

For those planning to organise a party and need the rain to stop here’s a tip from Vasanthy & Suganthi’s mom – Take 3 dried red chillies, 3 shallots and 3 kayu lidi (broom sticks traditionally used to sweep the outdoors) and place this in front of your house and the rain is sure to stop!

Baby Roshini's 1st birthday photo collage




With mummy dearest




Roshini playing hide & seek



With Aunt Suganthi


Baby Roshini trying to take her first steps


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Dear Asha ka,

The first time i saw Roshini’s photo i have no words to say its simply BEAUTIFUL. When the photo’s
are printed for the guest book it even look more natural and everyone loved the book.

In each photo’s i can feel the moments i had with Roshini. Her expression in all photo says something to


Dear Asha,

Roshini’s outdoor portraiture photo’s are superb. I cant wait to see her birthday shots.

Thank you again and again.

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