Indra's Nalangu Ceremony on the eve of her wedding

Here are some images of my good friend, Indra’s Nalangu Ceremony which I photographed on 26th November 2009.  Traditionally the Nalangu ceremony (wedding rituals) are performed before the actual wedding day by the bride to be’s mother, aunts etc as a symbol of how much she is loved.

Indra’s Nalangu ceremony lasted for a period of 5 days but due to my hectic schedule I only managed to attend her final ceremony on the eve of the wedding and photograph it for her.  Nevertheless I hope all of you enjoy viewing these sneak preview photos!

Indra & Prahalad – Wish you both only the best as married couples and good luck in settling down in Sydney, Australia after the wedding :O)


Holy Water, Red Kumkum and Yellow Tumeric Paste


Traditional Indian Hand Stone Grinder – Used as a form of blessing on the bride to be


A Platter of Fruits


Indra showing off her mehndi design


Rubbing yellow tumeric paste on her face and hands


Ceremonies done just before the actual wedding day, red kumkums are placed on her forehead and holy water is drizzled on her as a form of blessing

P&I-246The glowing bride to be


The warding off evil ritual performed by 3 of Indra’s aunts


Clean again, after all the traditional ceremony


Indra with her sister and cousins

P&I-295Indra with her sis- in-laws & niece who came from London, UK for the wedding ceremony

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