Outdoor Kids Portrait with Jeish

I recently had the opportunity to photograph Mohammed Jeish and his mom Jameela for an Family Portrait Photography Session in Putrajaya and Serdang. Initially we planned to have the shoot in the heart of KL but had to change the venue last minute due to massive jam.  Luckily the traffic to Putrajaya was smooth and the shoot went on well without a hitch.

Jameela who is Assad’s sister saw my baby portrait photography session for Ariez and subsequently requested to book me for a portrait session. She flew all the way from Johor although she was 4 months pregnant. It was also unfortunate that her husband Shajath could not join us as he was away in Dubai for work at the time.

Jameela it was great meeting you and I had so much fun photographing Jeish who was filled with zest and vigour and a smile like a ray of sunshine. I hope I get the opportunity to also capture your little bundle of joy once you’ve delivered the baby. Good luck!

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