Family Portrait Session

I love taking family portrait sessions especially when its done in an outdoor environment such as a park or playground area. In addition to all of the benefits of natural lighting, I find that the surroundings are more relaxing and enjoyable for all involved in comparison to that of a conventional studio environment.

Recently I had the opportunity to take an outdoor family portrait shots of one of my best friends, Alicia who was on a holiday to Malaysia from Switzerland with her husband Cedric and their three beautiful and adorable kids.

It has been almost three years since I last met up her family and how time really does seem to fly past so very quickly. Meilyn, who is nine years old and Mikael who is now seven have grown so big in such a short time. It was the first time also that I had the opportunity to meet the new addition to the family, Shanlee who will be turning one on Merdeka Day (31st August).

It was such a joy to meet up with them again and to take these photos as they were so easy to photograph. After barely over an hour of the portrait session we already ended up with a ton of images. Here are some sneak preview images, more will be updated on my website in due course.

To view more photos of this event, head to Cedric & Alicia’s Family Portrait Session Gallery

Family Portrait Session Collage

Cedric + Alicia = Meilyn, Mikael and Shanlee

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