Food Photography & Review: Frames Cafe

Previous located in Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI) this lovely cafe has recently moved to the ground floor of Sunway Pyramid, just below the lion’s head, next to Starbucks. Coincidently this is my second blog posting about Frames Cafe, you can read the earlier posting about the restaurant here.

In comparison to the previous venue, the new place certainly has a more open and airy look and feel, with its ample windows allowing ample daylight to get into the restaurant making it bright and cheery. In the evening, aided by an abundance of sunway pyramid night lighting, the mood transforms like a chameleon into a trendy cosmopolitan chillout place.

Walking into the cafe, you will immediately notice the various photographs hanging on its wall. These are lovely to look at as you wait for your meal and if you are smitten by any of the shots, do speak to the owners as these photos are for sale.

Here are a few photographs of the food which I reviewed. The full review of the restaurant will appear in the November issue of KLue magazine.

Collage of food from Frames Cafe

Panzanella Salad came with a light vinaigrette dressing, topped with crispy bread and mushrooms.

Grilled Seabass with Ginger and Balsamic Snow Cabbage topped with Caponata Sauce was delish indeed, the fish was fresh and the caponata sauce gave the dish a tangy taste.

The Chocolate Brownie was truly decadent, especially if you are a huge chocolate fan, a must try dessert for anyone heading here.

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