Salina’s Lenggang Perut (Bangle Wearing) Ceremony

As a photographer it’s always a pleasure to receive a new assignment from a previous client. A while ago I had the privilege to take some wedding shots of Salina and her husband, Rajindren. I was thrilled when she contacted me with news that she was seven months pregnant. It gives me great satisfaction to have the opportunity to capture key moments in people’s lives, and Salina’s Bangle Wearing Ceremony (Valaikappu) was certainly a joyous occasion.

A bangle wearing ceremony is a tradition usually performed when seven months pregnant. Relatives adorn the mother-to-be with a selection of glass bangles on her arms for the well being of mother and baby. Sandalwood paste is smeared on the face, hands and feet of the expectant mother in order to cool the body, and a selection of rice is offered, the choice of which signifies whether the baby will be a boy or girl – supposedly.

The bangle ceremony was held in a beautifully decorated apartment in Cheras and Salina looked gorgeous that I had a tough time choosing which photos to place on my blog. So here are just a few of them taken during the event, showcasing her beauty and an enchanting ‘glow’ that is so unique to pregnant women.

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bangle wearing ceremony

Glass bangles are placed on the wrists of the pregnant mother during the ceremony by close family and friends

indian lamps in a row

Indian lamps with flickering lights were placed at the entrance

Makeup of mother to be

Final touches of the make-up

Portrait of pregnant woman

Make-up completed, it’s show time!

Reflection of the mirror

Salina at almost 7 months pregnant, glowing with maternal beauty!

Happy expression

Sandalwood decoration

Sandalwood paste is smeared on the face, hands and sometimes feet during the ceremony to cool the body of the pregnant mother

Choosing the rice

Salina looking surprised after choosing the sweet rice

Videoing of pregnant mother to be

Rajindren capturing the beauty of his wife on video

Sandalwood paste

Pregnant tummy

Husband with pregnant wife

Salina & Rajindren – It was an honour to photograph your bangle wearing ceremony. Best wishes to you both and I can’t wait to see your little bundle of joy!

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just as expected asha!! cant wait to see the rest of the photos.
thanks asha for being like a part of the family during both events in our family.
i believe thats your speciality also…we feel very comfortable and the most important thing is…even a small event look great photographed by YOU!!

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