Baby Jeremiah’s Baptism

Here are some photos taken of baby Jeremiah’s baptism taken on 19th December 2010 at Assumption Church in Petaling Jaya. Jeremiah was among several babies being baptised by the parish priest, Rev. Fr. Phillips Muthu.

If you’re wondering what baptism is all about, it is a Christian ritual to signify the acceptance of or by a person into the Christian faith. In the case of Catholics such as baby Jeremiah, baptism is one of the seven sacraments, the others being Eucharist, Reconciliation, Confirmation, Marriage, Holy Orders and Anointing of the Sick. The rite of baptism generally involves a blessing with water presided over by a priest in front of a congregation of the church. It is also a tradition during baptism for the parents to choose a Godmother and Godfather to guide the child in the faith as they grow.

Jeremiah was such a darling through-out the day and so well-behaved. Hope you enjoy the photos taken of his special day.

infant baptism

rite of baptism booklet

baptism candle

Baptism candle

baptism congregation

Jeremiah’s parents – Christopher & Diana


Jeremiah cosy in mummy’s arms

catholic baptism

Holy water is poured on Jeremiah’s head

family photo

Family portrait with Jeremiah in his christening gown

its a boy balloon

newborn baby photo

newborn baby portrait

Couple of shots of baby Jeremiah at home

hungry baby

baby feeding

Its feeding time

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