Customised Guestbook For Weddings

I remember walking into a specialised stationary shop nearly five years ago to purchase a guestbook for my own wedding, it was silvery grey in colour with a beautiful studded double diamond heart on the front with pages for my guests to write sweet thoughts and words of wisdom for me and my husband to cherish for years to come. Barely two years on from my wedding day and the pages of my guestbook had already discoloured and the diamond stones lost their shine, probably due to our hot climate and the poor overall quality of the guestbook materials.

Anyway this experience inspired me to come up with a better solution. So I now offer high quality customised guestbooks which are designed to last, and are suitable for a variety of occasions including weddings and birthday parties. The guestbooks use high grade paper, bindings and hard covers throughout, and are personalised with a combination of photos and inspirational text such as poems and proverbs and so on. The result is a treasured keepsake of the occasion to be enjoyed for many years to come.

The portrait photo session for inclusion in the guestbook can be anything ranging from a simple casual outdoor shoot, to a more sophisticated themed location shoot with costumes and props. There is a lot of flexibility and freedom to create a highly customised solution tailored to the requirements of each individual client.

The above photo illustrates a finished custom made guestbook placed at the wedding reception for guests to sign. Below are sample pages from the guestbook to give you an idea of the concept. Do buzz me if you’d like to get something similar done for your wedding.

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Hi Asha,

My colleague is currently looking for a guestbook for her upcoming wedding. Could u please tell me where is the specialised stationary shop where i can find such a lovely guestbook like yours?


Hi Asha

I would like to customized my guest book. If I provide you with the pics then would you be able to create a guest book for me?

Please let me know the price as well.

Thank You


I am very interested to create a Guest Book for my niece who is getting married on the 28.10.2012.
Please advise on the cost and requirements. Await your kind reply.
Thank you


My wedding is on 15/9/2013. I am interested in your personalized guest book. Kindly advise me on the charges.

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