Newborn Portrait Photography: Gabriella

I love taking baby photographs which encapsulate those many precious fleeting moments of young life. Over the first few months their character shines through more, as they grow and mature and learn to crawl, walk and talk and so on. That being said, it is at their newborn stage when they are at their most delicate, with their ever so cute tiny hands and feet, fingers and toes. An ideal time to photograph newborns is within the first week or two as they tend to sleep more, making their body easier to sculpt into various positions.

Ok let me introduce you to newborn baby Gabriella, the pride and joy of parents Josephine and Stephen. Here are some sneak preview images of the little angel who was just one week old at the time, and is of mixed parentage – Sinhalese and Scottish.

I like using natural light as it brings out the beautiful natural skin tone of the baby

Newborns are such delicate little things

Beautiful baby Gabriella sleeping

Bonding moment with mum

Tiny little feet just 7 days old

Bonding moment with dad

Proud parents with their precious bundle of joy

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My Son stephen and wife Josephine gave us your internet number…to look at the photographs you have taken of our little granddaughter Gabriella Morning.
We think they are absolutely gorgeous and you have captured all three of them perfectly!
Well done….They are absolutely beautiful…You did a lovely job….and did it well


Fantastic pictures of the lovely new family!!!

To see beautiful baby Gabriella in such detail is amazing.

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