Twin Baby Portrait Photography Session

While it is my second time photographing twins, this time around was an altogether different experience. My previous twins photoshoot was for a 21st birthday celebration, but here the twins were a whole lot younger, at just three months old. Now photographing one baby and achieving the desired pose can be no mean feat, but two at the same time? I like that challenge, hence I jumped at the opportunity to photograph Siew Wei and Edwin’s twin babies recently.

Even at this young age the twins’ individual personalities are already beginning to shine through. Baby Nicole is rather jovial with cute baby talk while baby Nicolas appears more philosophical and thoughtful. The two of them have smiles to soften any heart. Working with twins is a unique experience which is far more enjoyable than it is demanding. Their mummy and daddy did an awesome job keeping the little ones entertained, with additional help from their Godma Gemi.

The adorable twins

Nicolas looking cute with his hat on

Nicole grabbing a quick nap

Posing with daddy

The twins enjoying some play time together

Nicolas in bonding moment with daddy

Mummy certainly has her hands full

Nicole is already able to turn on her tummy by herself

Nicolas presenting the camera a curious glance

I’ll finish this posting with a few quick tips and tricks for photographing twins, and babies in general:

  • Coordinate clothings so they match – it looks good and can be an enjoyable process
  • It’s always good to also get individual photos of each baby to show their unique personalities
  • Allow frequent breaks for babies and mum & dad as keeping the attention of babies can be tricky
  • Put them on their back facing up as they love this position and tend to stay in it for more than 5 mins
  • Always ensure the babies are fed and rested before starting in order to avoid cranky baby shots
  • Remember to get down to their level for more personal shots
  • Stay relaxed and remember to have fun!

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Love the one of mummy with hands full… So happy and sweet. Is there any family potrait for the happy four?

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