Baby Arya Turns Six Months Old

Well it’s almost five months since I last photographed Arya so it was great to catch up and see how much he has grown since then. It’s nice to see his personality shining through at this tender age, and with his big baby eyes and contagious smile my little charming muse was such a joy to photograph.

Working with clients such as Rajindren and Salina is an added bonus as they are full of enthusiasm, ideas and inspiration. Enjoy viewing these images of the little one. If you have a specific idea for a portraiture session of your loved ones feel free to discuss it me and we can brainstorm together to come up with a fun and memorable shoot just for you.

Little Arya’s tiny feet with his parent’s wedding rings on them

He’s such a darling to behold

Already looking so stylish, a definite Baby GQ model in the making

Feel like squeezing his cute little cheeks?

All credit to Rajindren for coming up with this idea… so funny

It’s playtime with daddy

It looks so yummy, can someone help me get the wrapper off?

Playing with the lighting a little for a “studio feel”

In mummy’s arms, time for some sweet dreams

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