Maziah & Anaqi Farrel Pre-wedding Portraits

Themed casual pre-wedding portrait sessions are one of my favourite portrait sessions to photograph besides kid’s photography as a lot of thought process goes into setting up each shot. From location, props, make-up to clothes, I will most often come up wuth a concept to share with the couple or get them to propose some ideas. The whole process is so much fun and I enjoy this very much.

Maziah and Anaqi met when they were in high school in Kuching then they parted separate ways, somehow fate brought them together when they randomly met in KL. Both of them are so in love and capturing that in photos gives me a fuzzy feeling. They will be getting married on 23 December 2011 in Kuching, East Malaysia. The reunion is all the more beautiful as its a mixed marriage, Maziah is Malay while Anaqi is of Chinese origin.

For the photo shoot, we decided to do two different themes – the first is a pre-wedding portrait session while the second a school themed session to mimic the days when they were ditching school and hanging out in the park instead. Do enjoy these sneak previews.

Couple themed shot taken at Bangsar South

Maziah and Anaqi re-enacting the days they used to skip school and hang out with each other in the park

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