Jennifer & Ruben Engaged

I had the opportunity to take this engagement shoot recently at Jennifer’s home in Sunway Kayangang, Shah Alam. Both Jenn & Ruben were a beautiful couple to work with, and their obvious love and fondness for each other really shines through. Here are some preview photos of their traditional Christian engagement ceremony.

The bride-to-be just as her make-up was completed

A glimpse of the groom-to-be at his dressing room

Jennifer with her mum

Exchanging of the rings

The lovely couple sharing a smile

The couple posing for photos after their ceremony

Friends, family and guests came to bless the couples with their best wishes


Beautiful hymns were sung that day

I’ll finish this post with these inspiring words of wisdom by M.S. Lowndes:

Take this time before
The big wedding day
To understand and know
The vows that you will say
To love one another
And accept each other too
To look unto the Lord
Who joins the two of you
He knows the future
He has for both of you
As you walk this road together
In love and in truth

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