Pregnancy Portrait

I was contacted recently by one of my previous pre-wedding portrait clients, Subha & Mahes to photograph their first pregnancy. Documenting a pregnancy is a beautiful process that encompasses a couple’s love for each other and for their forthcoming child. Such photos provide a lasting memory for the couple, and a source of fascination for their little one.

I took the pregnancy shots in a combination of outdoor and indoor settings. For the outdoor shots we headed to a park nearby their home and took some free and easy casual poses. The indoor portraits were photographed at their beautiful home which gave the portraits a pseudo studio effect. Do enjoy viewing these photos.

At the park

Some tips to consider when being photographed for your maternity shots:

1) The best time to be photographed is during your 7th month of pregnancy (before the bloating starts)

2) Get your photographer to take photos of you indoors and outdoors as you want to showcase a ‘fun and casual look’ as well as a more ‘formal look’ to the photos. Also shooting indoor gives the mum more privacy and a comfortable setting in a familiar surrounding

3) What you wear during the photo session is important, try to get wrap arounds, yoga pants, tank tops, white buttoned down shirt to showcase the beautiful belly. Most importantly wear something that makes you feel comfortable. For dads, wear clothes that compliment the mother, avoid loud pattern and abstract designed shirts.

4) Use props such as the 3D or 4D Baby Scan, colours emphasizing the gender of the child as well as gifts or your old baby clothes

Such a beautiful mum-to-be

Can you guess if its a girl or a boy?

Keeping up-to-date with the latest information on baby care

Looking angelic

Keeping the intimacy alive

Waiting for God’s gift to arrive

I’ll end this blog post with a lovely poem by Danielle Bramlett titled Tiny Baby

Tiny movements like tiny kicks
Tiny baby, a mother’s bliss
Can’t wait to give the tiny you
Huge hugs and lots of kisses too

What tiny dreams you might have now?
I would understand someday, somehow
I dreamed last night, your tiny face
An angel indeed, made from God’s sweet embrace

How else would mommy know?
How much her tiny little angel has grown?
How else would mommy guess?
If her little angel have some requests?

I know that somehow you could now hear
Oh, what a thrill you will bring us here!
Now hush my baby, it’s time to rest
Inside my womb, your own calm nest

May God help me to keep you safe
And always keep you strong, I pray
I love you right before I planned you
And I love you more now that I have you

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