Easter Holiday

We celebrated Easter Bank holiday last weekend, Bank Holidays are actually public holidays and we had both Good Friday and Easter Monday off.    If you’re wondering why they call it bank holidays it is because banks are closed on these holidays. 

With just the perfect sunny weather, we spent a lot of time looking for easter eggs.


Back in Malaysia, my family would make Eurasian pang susi buns but here, we decided to follow the English tradition and have toasted hot cross buns on Easter morning. I got these from Marks and Spencer, they were lovely as they had a nice mix of spices and were filled with sweet currents.


Easter eggs are a huge deal in UK too, its customary to give eggs to kids and receive eggs. So by the end of the Easter weekend, people usually end up with lots of easter eggs at home. This reminds me of always having access mandarin oranges during Chinese New Year time in Malaysia.


Our Easter morning started in church, then we came home and had a lovely meal and then spent a few hours in the garden as we were blessed with good weather.

Here are some shot photos of the kids.



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