Goodbye Winter

We have had a cold winter this year in The Midlands, with some snow and temperatures heading to 0 degrees Celcius on some days. Luckily there has not been any snow storms, so schools in Staffordshire have just been closed for a day or two in some areas.

I personally don’t enjoy the winter months because of the cold, it does not help that the days are short and it gets dark by 4pm. I guess, I can’t complain as we have been blessed with a lot of sunshine despite the low temperatures. The kids on the otherhand have enjoyed sledging, playing in the snow and making snowman. Christmas was also extra special with the snow making a special appearance.

Well, it has been almost a year since my last posting and I have missed blogging but the kids have kept me on my toes most of the days. I hope to be blogging more as they grow up and be more independent.

Here are just a couple of shots of the kids, first of my daughter running about in the garden whilst the second of my son. Both are dressed up in winter clothes.




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