Open Farm Sunday at Reaseheath College

Spring arrived a little later then usual but nevertheless we are enjoying the beautiful sunny British weather at last. To make the best of the lovely weather, we headed over to Reaseheath College where they held an open day celebrating everything about farming. This event is held yearly in England where hundreds of farms join in to organise activities such as farm tours, trailer rides, guided walks, and meet the animal session amongst others. Some farms even sell their home grown produce to the visitors.

At Reaseheath College, we saw lots of animals in the farm, namely goats, sheeps, horses, ponies, chickens, pigs and cows amongst others. The kids had a lovely time getting up close and personal with the animals, as well as joining other kids friendly activities like face painting, toy tractor ride, animal petting and quiz.

I would fully recommend heading to any participating farms for next year’s Open Farm Sunday event which will be on 5 June 2016, here’s their website.

Goat at Reaseheath College

It was a lovely sunny day and we got a chance to see some of the farm animals out and about.

Children Butterfly Face Painting

M was excited to get her face painted to benefit Macmillan Cancer Support, she wanted to be a purple butterfly. The volunteers tirelessly painted the kids faces and catered to their requests.

Kids Portrait on Tractor

Here’s TJ enjoying his tractor ride

Child animal portrait

Got this shot of a little girl having eye contact with the sheep.

Sheep Portrait

People had a chance to get up close and personal to interact with the animals, such as this sheep.

Farm Portrait of a Girl

As you can see both kids had a lovely time basking in the sun especially M who had her sunglasses and sun hat

Reaseheath College Farm Cow

Here’s a photo of the cows.

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