Cheshire County Show

I recently had the opportunity to attend Cheshire County Show at Clay House Farm in Tabley near Knutsford. The Cheshire Show which has a history of over 100 years old is a yearly event and was held on 23 and 24 June 2015 this year.

I loved the fact that there were lots of clearly marked yellow signpost as I was driving towards Knutsford, there was one sign even saying not to follow the gps but to follow the yellow marked signs. There was a huge bottleneck heading to the carpark but otherwise everything went on smoothly. Plus, the weather on both the days were sunny and just wonderful.

There was an amazing 2-day line-up of events packed with fun-filled activities for the whole family that you will be lost for choices. Because the ground is so large and the activities are aplenty, I would recommend you getting a copy of the Show Programme booklet which as sold for £4 each as you enter the showground.  Some of my favourites from the show just had to be the Food Hall, Shooting Range, Bolddog Ling FMX Stunt Motorcycle show, the livestock competitions and various stalls selling everything from garden decorations to sheep skin rugs.

Loved watching some of the livestock shows, this one is featuring the sheeps.

cheshire-fair-theme park rides

Kids of all ages would love getting on the fair park rides such as train rides and ferris wheels

cheshire show-live-food-theathre

One of the visitor examining the cheese display, the one in the middle with the grapes had been sadly disqualified as it cost over £20


Lots of live shows featuring horses

cheshire county show-directions

If you’re lost within the grounds, there are plenty of signposts and staff around to guide you to the right location


The jockey warming her horse up before the competition

Some of the amazing line-ups in the show included:

Vintage Machinery – There were lots of old and new machineries such as tractors, cars, stationary engines and commercial vehicles for visitors to see

Food Halls & Women’s Insitute – Being a food lover myself , I enjoyed heading to the food stalls to sample and buy local and regional produce such as award winning cheese and wine. Lots of hungry patrons also got the opportunity to indulge in some delicious ice-creams, pies, pastries, bread and even exotic food like Thai, Spanish or Indian. If you just want a sit down then enjoy live shows at their Food Live Theatre and you may pick up a tip  or two from some of the featured chefs.

Livestock – See hundreds of livestock competing for trophies or hold your breath and get up close and personal with the animals at the designated marquee, some of the livestock featured includes goat, sheep, cows and pigs as they all compete for the many coveted trophies available.

Dog Show – Featuring a variety of breed on both the days, the dog show is one of the largest open dog shows in the region


At the Food Hall

cheshire-seafood-food photography

Fresh local seafood sold to visitors

cheshire show-paella-food photography

Mouthwatering Spanish paella was a hit amongst the visitors

cheshire show-mary berry-paul hollywood

This year the Cheshire Show had asked their many vendors to come up with creative Scarecrow as a display attraction for their stall for the Trail Challenge 2015, this one caught my eye #maryberry #paulhollywood

cheshire show - grufallo

I loved this particular wood sculpture of  The Grufallo (a popular character from kid’s storybook) by Andy Burgess, this piece was created mainly using chainsaws and powertools


A 5-minute ride on this electric off road riding bike cost £5, lots of teenagers were lining up to try this, they even had miniature bikes like this for the kids


I did not stay till the end, but I was told that usually on the Wednesday, a grand display of floats by the Cheshire Young Farmers Competition will be held and after that a friendly water fight where everyone will get really wet. So its worth staying back to enjoy this! All in all a fantastic day and I can’t wait to attend next year’s event

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