Foodies Festival at Tatton Park

I love Cheshire!  Of all the food fairs that I have attended in England, I have immensely enjoyed all the ones held in Cheshire and this one at Tatton Park held from 17-19 July was no different.  Although, the day was  quite cloudy and it looked like it was going to rain, I still headed off to Knutsford to spend my day at the Festival and low and behold the weather changed and I had the best time ever.

The Foodie’s Festival is held every year and this was their 5th year, hence plenty of artisan food and drinks to enjoy. There were children’s cookery classes, drinks theatre, cake & bake theatre which you had to book in advance. Celebrity cooks such as Simon Wood (MasterChef winner), Katy B (Vegan food blogger), Helen & Lisa Tse (owners of Sweet Mandarin restaurant) as well as Malaysian Chef Norman Musa conducted classes at the Chefs Theatre.

Vendor’s displayed their stalls in all sorts of creative form, this was my favourite, the Crabbie’s yellow bus.



Thank you Stella Artois, who were generously serving the visitors with a nice cool drink of Peach and Elderflower Cider sample drink.  I tried the peach version and it was so refreshing, especially as the sun started to come out. A great way to advertise their brand and to get people to try these new flavours!


This stall was serving freshly fried Spanish styled churros with a chocolate dipping sauce, the vendors were happy to speak about their churros and even let you sample some.


This was the Coeur de Xocolat (Food Safari) show at the Tasting, Cake and Baking Theatre, it was not that busy on the Friday morning session, but it soon filled up in the afternoon.


Unfortunately I did not get a chance to visit Norman Musa who was there on the Saturday and Sunday, but I got a chance to stop by his stall and speak to some of his staff who very friendly. I also discovered his new venture which was selling blended products such as bentong ginger, lemongrass, ginger flower and galangal amongst others which can also be bought online.


One of the stalls selling fresh chilli plant caught my eye, and reminded me of the Chilli King contest which was held daily for the brave hearted ones. Although I love my chillies and spices, I will be opting out of this contest for sure.

Throughout the day I was at the festival in spirit but my heart was back home in Malaysia as it was the first day of Hari Raya and I was missing various homecooked food. Surprisinly, I got a chance to try some Thai Satay as well some Indonesian Beef Rendang and Tempe (which is made from soy) Curry from the Foodie’s Festival.  I can’t say how blessed and thankful I am for the diverse food found at the fair, I enjoyed every bit of it and can’t wait for next year.



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