Flowers at Biddulph Grange Gardens

We decided to join the National Trust as members this year, which means we have access to over hundreds of unpoilt places such as old mansions, gardens, museums and parks.  These photos were taken just at the start of Summer on a beautiful day with clear blue skies.

Biddulph Grange Gardens which is near Stoke-on-Trent is a lovely place for kids to explore, we have been there numerous times either just for a walk or during Easter when they have the Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt. Their beautiful themed landscaped gardens and wide-ranging plantation brings you on a journey to countries around the world including Egypt, China, Japan and Italy.  Here’s a shot of the back of James Bateman’s (the accomplished horticulturist and landowner) house which was built during the 19th century.


 On this blog post, I am just going to share with you some photos of various flowers I photographed around the gardens. It is wonderful to just sit down and admire these beautiful flowers when the weather is wonderful. Some parents have picnics on the garden grounds with their kids while others such as photo enthusiasts just sit down with their camera and macro lens to take close-up shots of insects, flowers, fish or ducks which are aplenty.



Here’s a photograph of another interesting flower


Love the shot of the red leaves below, the garden is aplent with all sorts of colourful vegetations and the flower plants especially are continuously maintained and replanted every season by the Grange’s in-house gardeners


Here are a few more shots of some flowers growing in the Biddulph Grange Gardens.





Do visit the Biddulph Grange Gardens with your family if you get a chance, you can spend all day there just looking at the flowers, enjoying a relaxing walk, painting or doing photography. You can then enjoy a lovely meal at the cafe, and even do a little shopping at the second hand books store or the souvenir shop. If you are lucky enough, you could find a lovely plant for sale for your garden.

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