Family Portrait Photography in Cheshire

Let me share with you some photos I photographed of my good friends and their kids in Congleton, Cheshire. We did an outdoor family portrait session at their beautiful home, and how blessed we were that the weather was wonderful as well. Both their girls are 5 and 3 years old respectively and extremely photogenic. I had so much fun playing about with them in their garden while capturing these lovely images.  Here are some sneak preview shots of their family portrait session, here’s little Megan to begin with.



Here’s a shot of both Megan and Olivia who were having so much fun


It was nice that everyone got dressed in traditional Indian costume for this family photo.


Here’s Megan playing about at her playhouse


A couple portrait of Suma and Gireesh


Here’s a close up photo of lovely Olivia who starts school in September


Here’s another shot of Megan posing

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