Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce : Women in Business Talk

I had the opportunity to attend a talk recently called ‘Women in Business’ hosted at the North Staff Medical Institute which was organised by Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce and sponsored by NatWest Business Banking. In Malaysia I used to attend lots of business seminars and workshops geared for women so its nice to attend a similar one here in Hartshill, Stoke-on-Trent. It was a short session, where we got to listen to two speakers sharing their life stories and how they got to their current position as well as a chance for the us (the attendees) to network and mingle with other like minded people while we had lunch. The Medical Institute is a lovely place to host seminars, birthday parties or wedding parties and the on-site catering there serves up some amazing food.

The first speaker was Gemma Bloor, the founder of RAWR Juice & Superfood Bar based in Newcastle-under-Lyme which serves a variety of superfood and foods that are free of preservatives and chemicals. Her talk was really inspiring as she shared with us her life experience and how she survived thyroid cancer. She turned the negative happenings in her life into a positive thing and she created RAWR in the process. Here are some of the important points I took from her speech:

  • The 3 most important thing in business is : Marketing, Brand Development and PR
  • Its important to find the balance in both Happiness and Success and not to overwork yourself.  Getting the right staff and delegating is also important
  • Staff will perform better if treated better
  • Skill can be taught to someone with the right attitude but not otherwise
  • We are here for a short time on Earth, so make the most and grasp every opportunity
  • Don’t forget to give back
  • Customers are not always right
  • Like and accept yourself
  • Ask for help if you need it
  • Remember why you started the business in the first place, especially during hard times
  • Be proud of who you are

The second speaker was Angela Wakelin, Head of Business Risk, Santander. Another inspirational speaker, she shared her story of how she started in the banking line in NatWest without a degree and worked her way up to being the Head of Business Risk. She encouraged everyone to have a strong support network which every business needs to succeed. Here are some important points from her speech:

  • She encourages women to help other women
  • Being different is good, don’t conform
  • It is ok to be scared, in a way its good to be scared as it pushes you to do better things
  • There will definitely will be bad times
  • Most importantly, find out who you are and have confidence in yourself

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. I had such a good time mingling with the rest of the attendees and getting to know them at the same time.

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