Photographing a Family in Stoke-on-Trent

When I started doing photography full time almost 10 years ago, I was photographing everything from weddings, food, corporate functions, parties to portraits. As the years went by and as I had my own family, I realised there is a different kind of satisfaction and joy photographing children and family portraits.  Seeing the little ones grow so quickly over the years, I find it is important to capture their milestones as keepsake for the future or for grandparents.  When I photograph children, I try to infuse some fun into the sessions and encourage them to showcase their personalities or their funny side. Hope you enjoy viewing these sneak peak images which I photographed for a family in Stoke-on-Trent.


It was fun to photograph the little girls in their favourite rooms, I loved capturing all their facial expressions, their playfulness and most importantly their sisterly love.  All the photos were taken at their beautiful home and their garden area.


Here’s a shot of Jess, she is so full of energy, ideas and stories and is game when I asked her to pose for me


This is one of my favourite shot of the family.

outdoor-child-portrait-stoke-photograpCate was really chatty and enjoyed showing me all her favourite toys and she loved playing in the garden


Here’s a photograph of both sisters in their room, the beautiful murial on the wall was painted by a local artist based in Stoke-on-Trent called Andrea, you can find her on facebook under Khromaworks Murals if you would like similar work done for your kid’s room.


Here’s another of my favourite shot of Helen and Chris, they are both amazing parents and its great to see them spend so much time with the girls by keeping them busy with various outdoor activities.

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