Family Portraiture at Little Moreton Hall

Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter – This is the last shoot I did at the end of Autumn, as we gear for the coming wet and cold winter months. This family portrait session was photographed at Little Moreton Hall (also known as Old Moreton Hall) in Congleton, Cheshire which is under the National Trust for Places of Historic Interest or Natural Beauty.  Little Moreton Hall houses a beautiful Tudor Manor House which is easily 500 years old.  I used the Knot Garden and the scenic lake area situated at the back of the Manor House as my backdrop for most of the shoot on the blog.  Although it was cold, nearly 4 deg when I did the shoot, the kids were just fabulous and were eager to be photographed. I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and hope you enjoy viewing these images too.


Here’s a candid shot of Sam with her beautiful children, Taya and her twin boys Rocco and Hunter


I love this shot of Rocco and his Nan, Joan

Here’s Hunter with his Grandad, Keith


I find taking an outdoor family portrait is more fun and relaxed than a formal studio portrait. So here’s a formal portrait set in an unformal setting.


Caught this shot of Taya as she was playing by herself in the garden while I was photographing her brothers


We found this wagon at the side of the garden and decided to get the boys on it


Here’s a lovely shot of Keith and Joan, I hope they love this as much as I do




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Thanks Asha for a great day at Little Moreton Hall you did a fantastic job of engaging everyone and produced some superb photographs despite the cold for one extremely happy family.

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