Liverpool in Photographs

The weekend before Christmas I had the chance to visit Liverpool for a couple of hours to meet up with good friends who were there vacationing from Switzerland. I had never been to Liverpool before so taking the train for the first time on my own and heading to a new city was quite exciting for me.  Due to limited time, I did not get the chance to visit a lot of places like the Maritime Museum or the Beatles Story Exhibition in Liverpool but I loved what I saw and enjoyed the buzz and vibe that they city gave me. Here are some shots taken around the city centre. The arch way into Chinatown, John Lenon’s statue in front of the Cavern Pub and an artist creating a lifelike dog statue using just sand in town.


There are two Cathedrals in Liverpool, one is called Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral, a Catholic Cathedral and the other an Anglican Cathedral called Liverpool Cathedral. During my trip, I got a chance to visit the Liverpool Cathedral which was magnificent in sight and majestic in size; with huge stained glasses inside, the church is amazing! In my diptych photo below you would see the exterior of the church and the interior with a wedding banquet all set up. The church is so huge that it has enough space to hold both the wedding and the dinner reception inside it with still ample of space.


I arrived late morning on the Saturday and we walked around till lunch time around the Streets of Liverpool and Chinatown. I was told that Chinatown was only vibrant in the evening, so in the day time the shops were closed except for some random few.


After wearing our legs out, our stomach started to rumble and we decided to pick a restaurant to have lunch.  Button Street Smokehouse looked beautiful on the outside and its barbeque and smokehouse menu sounded too good to be true.  Luckily, we were not dissapointed one bit with their food or their service. The restaurant which served American style Southern comfort food with a modern twist was delicious and their price seemed reasonable. The decorations inside the restaurant was beautiful and the staff were very friendly and pleasant. Here are some photos of the bar, my lunch which was seafood gumbo and their cheesecake and cherry pie desserts. 


I loved Liverpool to bits and will definitely be heading back again with my family to spend a few days there discovering more about the city, music, nightlife and architecture. I hope you enjoyed reading about my adventures and viewing the photos.

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