Themed Portrait : Fairy in the Forest

Here are some sneak peak images of a recent outdoor themed portrait shoot done at a nearby park. I love doing themed photo shoots especially of children as they get to dress in their favourite costumes or characters and this makes the photoshoot even more magical.These are mini portrait sessions, which usually lasts about 30 minutes and prices for these are really reasonable, so drop me a line for available dates and pricing. In the mean time, I hope you enjoy viewing these images.


Here’s a lovely close-up shot of Ilysha. I loved her headband, beautiful dress and fairy wings which was really girly. She was a fabulous model, twirling and posing for me throughout the session. It was cold that morning but because she was having so much fun, she did not mind not wearing her coat.


We decided to go for a walk around the park with her beautiful pink Hello Kitty wellies


I enjoy photographing kids as each session is unpredictable. There are many emotions that engulfs them during a shoot from happy, sad, feeling excited, frustrated etc. So I do sometimes take a short break to allow them to calm down. Relaxed outdoor shoots allow you to do just that in comparision to studio sessions which are more rigid.


Here’s Ilysha having a laugh with her mum Marie before we continued to take more shots for the day.


Making canvas prints from the photos taken during the shoot for their rooms are a great idea. I love using two or more canvas collages of kids showing some candid action instead of a posed shot. Here is an idea on a diptych collage for a child’s bedroom.


Here’s the last photo taken of the day and one of my favourite ones before we left. I had a lovely time photographing little Ilysha and I hope I have captured her carefree spirit and her joyous smile in my photos for time to come.


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