Themed Portrait : Princess and Tiaras

Here’s another outdoor children’s themed portrait which I recently photographed of princess, tiaras and a little bit of tears. Although it looks like a sunny day in the photos, I can easily say the temperature was around 4 degrees celcius that day and the girls were absolutely fabulous in taking off their coats for the photos. We also had constant rain throughout the shoot but were lucky to have some beautiful photographs to show. I hope you enjoy viewing these images, as you can see the daffodils are slowly blossoming and these are the signs that spring is almost nearing. I personally can’t wait for the warm sunny weather to arrive.


Here’s a shot of Maisie who was ever so lovely and willing model who posed for me throughout the session. She was so excited about being a princess and proudly wore the crown and cape which her mum specially sewed for the photoshoot.


Here’s both Tilly and Maisie, Maisie is an amazing sister to Tilly and even said that she was her best friend.


A family portrait with mum, Andrea and dad, Den


Here are some bonding mother and child shots.  Mum, Andrea runs Khromaworks Murals and is local to Stoke-on-Trent. She does various murals as well as illustrations for children’s story books, so do contact to her if you would love to have your home or work place adorned with beautiful murals.



Here’s a beautiful and touching photo of little Tilly who’s in tears.  I think crying shots are beautiful as it captures the little one’s unsatisfied expression so perfectly. Not to worry, Tilly was all fine again once mum comforted her and her beautiful smile shone through.


I loved the cape which Andrea made, it was both beautiful and functional as it kept the kids warm in the cold and wet gardens. The photo session was truly princess like with lots of smiles, laughter, tears, tiaras and fancy shoes. Hope you enjoyed viewing  these photos.




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