Studio Style Family Portrait

It has been a busy couple of weeks with a few blog postings in the que so in the mean time hope you enjoy viewing these indoor studio style family portrait shots. I generally love doing my portrait sessions in the outdoors such as parks or gardens but sometimes if the client requests or if its a pregnancy / newborn portrait shoot then I can do the portrait session indoors with additional strobes. There are two parts to this photoshoot, first here are some sneak peak images of the fun family portrait photosession, all photos were taken in the client’s home for the purpose of creating a canvas print afterwards.


Above is a fun sibling shot of Nathan, Ben, Katie and Zac. The pose was suggested by Jayne their mum.  As a photographer I am always open to client’s ideas and creative input.


Zac is such an energetic boy with a fun personality, here is a shot of him playing with his football


Here’s the family portrait


Love this shot of Ben and Zac, they both are so playful and I got them to make funny faces


This is yet another of my favourite shot taken of Ben, there’s something about this shot that intrigues me


The three brothers

Hope you enjoyed viewing these images, part 2 with shots of Katie’s baby bump will be blogged soon, so stay tuned.

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