Photo Featured in The Stoke Sentinel

Really pleased that another of my photo has been featured in the local newspaper, The Stoke Sentinel under the Snapper Squad team. This was for last Monday’s print (18th April), whereby the theme was ‘hands and feet’. Although this is my third photo which has been published, its actually not easy being featured as there are over 100+ snapper squad members and many of them submit amazing photos. It is hard to figure out what the editor is looking for, for each of the themes.  Sometimes when I submit a photo and think it will be selected, it does not and at  other times, when I submit a photo for fun, like this one, it actually gets featured.

This photo of the sand castle and footprint, was photographed during our holiday last year in Port Dickson, Malaysia. The kids were building sandcastles by the beach and we were messing it up for a photo opportunity.


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