Newborn Photography – Part 1

As a photographer and someone who strives to provide the best service I can to clients, I always attend various photography training courses to keep my skills up-to-date. Attending courses like these also help me to keep abrest with the latest trends, tips and the gadgets.  Since my move to the United Kingdom about two years ago, I have yet to photograph a newborn, hence I decided to take a refresher course conducted by Sandra from Newborn Baby Posing.  Seeing that I am a mother of 2 young kids, I find handling newborn babies second nature to me, nevertheless I still wanted to have a refresher course as photographing newborns and posing them can be daunting especially to a first time parent who is entrusting you with their most precious baby. Safety aspect of the newborn and cleanliness are my utmost priority so this course refreshed me on that, as well as how to pose the newborn and lighting tips.  Here are some images from my session, we have used SIB (StandInBaby) for these photos in part one, part 2 with photos of actual newborn babies will follow soon.

Using the SIB doll was really easy as it gave me a chance to practise on how to pose the doll. It had very similar charasteristics as a newborn baby except that it was quite heavy and didn’t move as much. One of the doll’s arm kept coming out easily whenever Sandra was posing the doll as it was an older version. I was told there is a newer version of the doll which is more sturdy.


More photographs with SIB using the bean bag, boxes and baskets as baby props


Posing the SIB doll is a lot easier as the doll does not move or wake up or cry, so this photo session was really quick. An actually baby photography session can take anywhere between 1-4 hours depending on your photography package. Photographing a newborn baby takes a lot of patience and time especially if the baby is unsettled, all these factors need to be taken into account when photographing them.


Here’s my last photo of the SIB doll, bear in mind, these were our practise shots before we had two newborns come in for our photography session.


A photograph of me in action, taken by Sarah, Sandra in the photo was helping us to pose the baby.  Stay tuned for more images of my newborn photoshoot in Part 2.


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