Rookery Hall Hotel and Spa

This is a special blog post for brides-to-be who are looking for an amazing location to hold their wedding reception, couple portrait sessions or even host their honeymoon. I was told that David and Victoria Beckham held their engagement here in 2008 and I am not surprised as Rookery Hall Hotel is situated around 38 acres of Cheshire’s stunning countryside. Driving up to the Hotel, I was in awe of the beautiful long driveway and then to be greated by the classy looking building, I was told the original hall was built in 1816. The surrounding land is beautifully maintained and the hotel has recently undergone a £750k renovation project.

I was invited to attend a South Cheshire Chamber of Commerce meeting called Final Friday whereby on the last Friday of every month, the Chamber will hold a networking meeting at a pre-determined location. For this networking meeting, I was invited to go to Rookery Hall Hotel and Spa at Worleston, Nantwich in Cheshire to meet and network with other members and to receive an exclusive tour of the building.  I decided to use this opportunity to blog and write about Rookery Hall Hotel and Spa and its really beautiful and it will give potential bride and groom a chance to view the images and to consider having their special day there. The wedding reception hall can easily hold about 150 guests and they offer about 70 bedrooms which also has been recently renovated.


If you are planning a stay here, make sure you make a point to visit their health club and spa for a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.


A photo of the entrance of the Health Club and Spa



This is an example of how their executive suite is laid out. Amazing space to work and have informal chats, cosy bedroom and really nice bathrooms. You also get the sense that care has been placed in each room as its really clean and well presented.


Some photos of their bathrooms


Spacious bathrooms


Here’s a shot of the bedroom and cosy bedrooms


For those who want to have meetings here, they have purpose built conference rooms


Love their well lit hallways


Here’s a beautiful shot of their front lake / garden area. There is also an extensive garden area at the back of the hotel and I was told there is even a helicopter landing site there. If you would like to do something different like having your engagement or couple photography there, let me know and I will be make all the necessary arrangements with Rookery Hall which is a classy four star hotel.





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