Here are some beautiful newborn photos which I photographed recently in Cheadle at a newborn photography refresher workshop, you can read more about it on my previous blog titled Newborn Photography – Part 1. There were 2 babies whom I photographed, the first was a girl called Lily about 12 days old while the second baby was a boy called Noah, he was just 7 days old. Both the babies settled easily and were just adorable to photograph. Working with newborn takes a lot of patience, photographing them is the easy part but settling them, that takes lots of time and experience as each baby is different. Newborns are very delicate, yet very agile when they are born, so its best to photograph them 14 days or under to be able to mould them into the shape that you want. Here are some of my favourite photos captured from the session. If you would like similar ones done for yourself, friends or family member and are based around Staffordshire or East Cheshire area, please contact us. We offer gift certificates to be presented as gifts to pregnant mums or during their baby showers. Precious Moments, Captured Forever.


Here’s Lily, she was a gem throughout the shoot which lasted about 2 hours. We used a couple of different photography props such as a teddy, wraps, head bands. She was calm throughout the shoot and didn’t wake up for feeds at all. Isn’t she just beautiful?


There is an art to photographing newborn, being a mum myself does help me as I can tap into my motherly instict to calm the baby.


Another cute shot of Lily, who is posing on her tummy. For a shot like this, a lot of preparation is taken by the photographer such as making sure that the newborn is comfortable, room is nice and warm, white noise is present to calm babies nerves and and numerous props are available.


Here’s Lily with a beautiful dress peaceful and so dreamlike


We then moved on to photograph our second baby, who was Noah.  He was also very easy to work with, for this shoot we used different coloured wraps and rugs to photograph him as well as a variety of baskets.


Here’s a shot of him photographed in  a basket so peacefully sleeping


He was such a chilled baby that he just let us move him around


A close-up detail  shot of Noah’s beautiful feet. Detail shots like this would look amazing as a canvas collage on the wall. Hope you have enjoyed viewing these images as much as I have had fun photographing them.


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