Painting with Light

As some of my blog readers would know, I am a member of SnapperSquad, a group which has been started by Steve Bould from The Stoke Sentinel newspaper for local photographers. There are about 100+ members who meet once a month at The Masonic Centre, in Hanley and we have an active closed Facebook page where we share images and our knowledge with other photography enthusiasts. We also have monthly contests as well as weekly photography competition where our photos are selected to be featured in The Sentinel’s 2 page spread.  Every month, depending on the theme line up, we get speakers who share their skills, photos and tips with us. For the month of April, we had a photographer, Andreas Christaki who demonstrated some techniques on ‘Painting with Light’. We had the opportunity to photograph various light source in the dark using our tripods and long exposures to capture the different shapes and patterns which the light source produced. Here are some of my favourite images from the session.


More images using long exposures. I photographed all of these images using my 50mm lens.


Here’s a photo of Neil who was one of the volunteer photographers sitting still while a laser light was shone on him. We used long exposures or slow shutter speed of about 30 sec to photograph this image. The background has been darkened using various methods such as having a lower F-stop number,  playing with the exposure value (EV) and finally further editing using photoshop.


Andreas brought many different DIY light sources, he was creative enough to create many of them himself using battery powered light on a wire or stick.  Here are more images using some of his lights


Hope you enjoying reading this blog post as its different to what I frequently photograph. I love to always keep busy by doing different types of photography to build my skill as I get to learn new things




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