Visiting Sudbury Hall

I love it when the weather is fantastically sunny which means we can head out with the kids for a picnic. As members of the National Trust we try to visit as many National Trust sites as we can and this was the first time we had visited Sudbury Hall, an impressive 17th-century house with lavish interiors in Derbyshire. We also had the opportunity to visit the Museum of Childhood which is next to Sudbury Hall.  This Museum which I am sure many of you may have visited during your school trips is basically a reconstruction of an old Victorian schoolroom with eight galleries celebrating various toys which you, your parents or grandparents may have played when you were young.  There is also a formal garden and beautiful meadows which overlooks the lake, a perfect spot for a picnic.  Children will also love the playground area with a playhouse, huge swing as well as climbing walls to keep them busy while parents have a sitdown. There is also a gift shop, a cafe and ice-cream shop in the grounds. If you have never been to Sudbury Hall, here are some photos which I photographed of our trip.


A photo of the information board which you will spot between the carpark area and the walkway to the hall.

Sudbury-Hall-Derbyshire-Information-Board-Photography (2)

Depending on the time you visit, especially if its during the term holidays, there are lots of activities for kids to participate in.


Here’s a photograph taken inside the Children’s Museum of toys from yesteryears


Lots of beautiful murals have been painted on the walls inside the rooms, I decided to photograph this image which was painted on the door


This lake is located at the back of Sudbury Hall, we watched flocks of Geese and baby goslings just roaming around freely and eventually going for a dip in the lake.  Just like us, there were lots of families just sitting by the lake and enjoying a picnic. We had such a nice and relaxing day while the kids had a run about and play at the children’s playground.


There is a cafe, giftshop as well as an ice-cream shop available for guests.  We decided to bring a picnic mat with some picnic food and just sit along the grassy bits to enjoy the beautiful sunshine.


Living in England, makes me appreciate the sunny weather and beautiful skies, I don’t take it for granted anymore. I hope these images have given you a little bit more insight into Sudbury Hall. Keep reading my blog, as I will update it with various places to visit with kids during the term school holiday breaks in and around both Staffordshire and Cheshire.




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