Goodbye Spring, Hello Summer

It has been a couple of weeks since I blogged any photos as I have been busy heading out for walks with my camera capturing some lovely late Spring and some early Summer sceneries.  With lots of beautiful places to visit especially around East Cheshire and Stffordshire area, we are spoilt for choices. We even took a trip to visit North Wales one of the weekends over term break. Here are some of my favourite scenery and flower shots photographed locally, do enjoy viewing these.

Some flower shots taken at Biddulph Grange Gardens, I am never dissapointed whenever I go there, there are always an amazing array of eye catching flowers.  Bluebells are a common flower to photograph especially during Spring but I didnt realise how tiny there were. They do say beautiful things comes in tiny packages.


More flower photographs at the Biddulph Grange Gardens, love the fact that the garden is always well kept and tended to all the time.


Beautiful pink tulips

Next to the Biddulph Grange Gardens is the Biddulph Grange Park, this is a public park with a lake on the top where people can go for a walk, fish or even bring their dogs for walks. Its beautiful there especially when the weather is right. I managed to capture some Geese and baby Goslings swimming in the lake while I was there.


Baby Gosling


Some areas of the park are just serene and great backdrops for photographs or paintings


Knypersley Pool is also another amazing place to visit, a great place to spend time walking as a family or just to take photos. The area is quite big, you have the top bit which is Greenway Bank, and the bottom bit which has the walkway towards Norton Green and Knypersley Reservoir which is also called Knypersley Pool. The following photo of the ducks were taken at Knypersley Pool.


Another green nature scenery photographed at Knypersley Pool


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