Staffordshire Life Magazine: Repeat Repeat

I love local businesses, especially if it is local to Stoke as I find there is always so much history, love and knowledge that embodies it. So when I was asked to write a 4-page feature article with photographs about a local pottery business by the Editor of Staffordshire Life Magazine, I was, rather stoked.

I walked into Repeat Repeat’s studio in Fenton and was greeted by Gillian Naylor, one of the designers and founders of the company. On the ground floor, there were some staff working on the finishing touches of the bone china mugs to be packaged and prepared for delivery. I next passed through the warehouse area to head upstairs to their creative space to meet Gillian’s other half, both in business and life, Mark Faulkner. I was then offered an aromatic rose green tea in an exquisite white bone china mug and began listening to their story.  To view a copy of the article, either grab yourself a copy of this month’s Staffordshire Life Magazine or visit my  writing blog – Globejotter

Here are some sneak peak Corporate Styled Photographs which I photographed for the article.


Mark & Gillian at their two-story office space in Fenton


Beautiful white bone china pottery made by Repeat Repeat


Gillian takes me on a tour where she shows me the bone china which has been sent back to their studio from the factory as well as the process it goes throught before it is packed to be sold.


The Kiln where the bone china is fired in temperatures reaching as high as 800ºC.


One of their staff hand packing the mugs to be sent off for delivery


Gillian and Mark working on the design on some of their mugs on the computer


Ideas are suggested, then debated and finally put onto paper


Some of the beautifully finished white bone china mug


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