Corporate and Product Photoshoot

Here’s a recent corporate and product photoshoot which I photographed for a local company called Bad Edie based in Biddulph. They specialised in airbrush and temporary tattoo and provide their services at various events, weddings, corporate functions, open days or just at fairs.  They also custom make the tattoos so if you have something in mind, you can speak to them and get yourself some glitter make-up or hair accessories which most teenagers and party goers are into.  Feel free to check out their website if you would like to hire them for an event or feature them at one of your fairs.




The above is one of the new product which they are using called Glitter Lips


We have both Ellie and Kate modelling the product


The glitter can also be used as a hair accessories on Tina, these are easy to put on and easy to wash off too but make a fabulous impression at a party.


The glitter tattoo can also be featured on the face, it all depends on what you prefer. Note the glitter lipstick which Kate is using which is more current and stylish.


This is Edie, which the company is named after, who co-incidently also loves glitter. If you are having a party and want to get your pets involved in it too then this is a great idea. The glitter easily washes off and is pet friendly.



The above photo, features a sample of airbrush tattoo which is a great way for teens to be unique and different but at the same time because its not permanent, they can wash it off and get a another design for the next party.


Hair accessories are also popular nowadays. The above shows a variety of colours and textures, you can mix and match it with your party outfit.

So I will leave you with Bad Edie’s mantra which is:

Be happy, be curious and have fun

Be that little bit different from the rest

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