Themed Birthday Party at Middleport Pottery

Here’s a birthday party for our 6 year old girl which we celebrated at Middleport Pottery as she loved clay making and pottery.  She decided to go with a princess theme for the party and some kids even came dressed up for it. Birthdays parties one of the important moments of a child’s life to document as kids grow up so quickly.  As a parent myself, I understand that we tend to be busy organising the party and chatting with friends that we might forget to take photos of the party hence having a professional photographer to capture the important happenings of the day is crucial. Here are some photos of the party, which I photographed, I do hope you enjoy viewing it.


Built in 1888 next to the Trent and Mersey Canal at Burslem, Middleport has such a long and rich history relating to pottery. The Clean Act saw a lot of the bottle kilns being closed in Stoke and Middleport was not spared, 1965 saw the last firing of the bottle ovens,  six of the seven bottle ovens were demolished. The Stoke-on-Trent council then finally decided to save the last bottle oven, and eventually work was done to preserve it thanks to The Prince’s Regeneration Trust and its has been now turned into a visitors attaction in 2014.  Currently Middleport, the last working Victorian pottery in the UK also the home of Burleigh Pottery holds private & school tours, rents out their function rooms for wedding, birthday parties and is also one of the filming location for The Great Pottery Throw Down British TV hit show.   Middleport Pottery is full of heritage and it is set in such a beautiful area by the canal. Some would call it a hidden gem. If you have an afternoon free, do pop over to their cafe for a cuppa and enjoy the beautiful food and scenery.


Soon as we arrived, all the parents and kids gathered at the waiting area and then we started with the tour. Teresa who is the Visitor Centre Manager, did an excellent job in entertaining the kids and adults alike. She made the tour so fun that even my son who is 3 years old had fun and was not bored at all.


Kids were also give a short history lesson with lots of Q&A sessions in between to keep them interested


Lots of artifacts are still well preserved as it was in the old days. Kids had a fabulous chance to see things as they were.


The place was filled with lots of beautiful and historical pottery pieces


We were then guided outside where we got a chance to get a tour of their store room where some of the prized pottery possesions are kept and a quick look inside a bottle kiln oven. Kids were just over the moon with the experience especially since the kiln was lighted up inside and had some sort of projection on its wall.


This is their store room. I had to keep a close eye on my 3 year old son so that he did not touch anything as some of the items in here qwere quite priceless


Middleport has a few function rooms, this one easily held 15 kids and was beautifully decorated by the staff when we got there


Princess Barbie Cake fit for a Princess from Cakes by Millrise


Here’s Madeline with some of her friends


Blowing the candles


Sandwich platter and chips for the parents


I made some chocolate chip cupcakes too


After the tour and food, kids were then brought to another room where they had a chance to make clay objects. They were taught to make a Princess first…yes even the boys but they had lots of left over clays to make whatever they wanted afterwards.


This was Madeline’s clay Princess


Middleport Pottery is a great to have your kid’s birthday party. The staff there especially Teresa especially made sure everything went as planned.  They even had a huge basket to store all the presents for the birthday girl. All in all a fabulous place to hold a party and most importantly what a beautiful and historical place Middleport is, especially since we live in Stoke. A big thank you goes out to the staff who made the day so special, parents and friends who came to the party to make the event so memorable.



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