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We have been having beautiful warm and sunny weather at this time of the year in UK, which is also know as Indian Summer even though its late into September and technically it should already be Autumn.  So last weekend when we saw beautiful sunshine, we decided to pop over for a day trip to Bakewell which is in the heart of the Peak District for a picnic and to try their renowned bakewell pudding.  The drive to Bakewell was lovely as it was a clear day so we could enjoy the scenic view of The Roaches which are prominent rocky ridge situated just after Leek and before Buxton.  Here are some photos of our day in Bakewell, and some tips if you are heading there yourself, hope you enjoy viewing the photos and feel free to leave some comments. As usual, I will have a lot more photos on my facebook page – Asha Carlos Photography.



Bakewell is a 17th century bustling market town about 30 miles from where we live. The town is really picturesque, some of the roads there and pathways are narrow, especially if you are walking on the bridge pathway (only one person can walk at a time in either direction) and you would need to watch out for large busses that pass along the road.


There are lots of lovely touristy shops located in the town and most shops are open even on a Sunday, coffee shops are aplenty selling some yummy cakes too. If you are unsure where to go, stop by their Tourist Centre which is right in the middle of town located in a 17th century Old Market Hall.  Staff there are very friendly and will be happy to help you out with any questions.


We had our picnic on one of these benches by the lake here, the kids enjoyed the scenic view and watched the ducks, swans and seagulls. You could see lots of people just enjoying a stroll, feeding the ducks or just taking their dogs for a walk.


One of our main reason for heading to Bakewell was to try out their renouned Bakewell Pudding which originated from Bakewell.  Although there are many pastry shops around, I knew that there were two shops which are very famous in Bakewell and had to go find them.  Being tourists’ ourself, we got some infomation about the shops from the Tourist Centre, a lady there even told us the recipes are the same in both the shops but we had to try and decide for ourselves. So our first stop was the Bloomers, their bakewell pudding recipe is said to be dated from the 1889 and their recipe is secretly guarded through the generations.


Bloomers sold a variety of pastry and bakewell puddings amongst others and the shop was relatively busy.


We bought a small bakewell pudding each to try. Here’s a little explanation for those who don’t know the difference between the pudding and the tart;  The bakewell pudding is different to a bakewell tart. Firstly the bakewell pudding is said to have originated from Bakewell, the base is made from puff pastry while a jam, is placed at the bottom of the pastry and then the custard is poured on the top and cooked. While the tart is made from pastry similar to shortcrust, it also has jam inside then topped up with a custard and baked. The top sometimes has flaked almonds or even a sprinkle of icing sugar on it.


The above is a visual of the small Bakewell Pudding from Bloomers, we ate it cold. It tasted good but I am sure it would have tasted better if it was warm. Its a pity the staff did not offer to warm the pudding for us, we would have appreciated the flavours more.


As we walked about town, we spotted the top of Bakewell All Saints Church which was originally founded in 920 and then went through a period of rebuilding process over time.  We decided to walk up which was undergoing some restoration but was still open to the public to go in and pray or just admire the beautiful arhitecture of the place.  As we walked up towards the church we noticed a lot of old toomstones and stone coffins, some were as old as 1400s or older.


A beautiful statue of Mother Mary with Baby Jesus, lots of places to light candle and have a moment of prayer in there


The church is so full of characted and beautifully adorned, the church also houses a couple of 15th and 19th century misericords which looks so majestic


Beautiful stained glass so intricately done


After stopping for a coffee break, we continued our hunt for more bakewell puddings and ended up at The Old Original Bakewell Pudding Shop. The shop has 2 entrances on both sides of the street, one side had a little cafe where you can sit and have a cuppa while you enjoy their puddings while the other just faces the street.


Here’s a picture of a large Bakewell Pudding from The Original Pudding Shop. We decided to bring this home with us and have it warm with an added dollop of ice-cream which made it really sweet but scrummy


There is a huge sections for tourists to buy items such as jams, pickles, wine and other sort of pastry as well.  They even had some Christmas items out for sale at time time of the year


We decided to also bring home the Original Flaked Bakewell (shhh which I found was my favourite as it was more like a Tart …it was also not as sweet and it had a shortcrust pastry which I adore)


Had to photograph this, some basic information on the history of the Bakewell Pudding (The history is in the pudding!)


Yes more food, we also stopped to try out some Cornish pasty at the Proper Pasty Co shop in Bakewell.


Kids had onion and cheese, my husband tried the traditional beef and potato while I had their spicy chicken pasty which was yum as it had some chutney inside but I personally would have been preferred it to be more spicy



As you can see we had an scenic and indulgent trip to Bakewell, our tummies were happy and we came back feeling really good about the trip. If you had to ask me if both the puddings from both the shop tasted the same, I would say that I didn’t think so. I preferred the pudding from Bloomers (although it was cold) as I found they had less jam inside and it was not too sweet. While the pudding from The Original Shop tasted more jammy and more sweet. But then again, I had one pudding warm and the other one cold, so I can’t say really say how accurate my taste buds were due to the different temperatures of the puddings. Nevertheless I have discovered that I am more of a tart person then a pudding person. Trip well enjoyed now to where shall we head off to next?


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